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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Junk science" used to support claims

This article appeared in the on-line magazine "Medical and Legal" on October 6, 2006:

"Junk science" used to support claims

Solicitors in the US have warned that a significant number of personal injury cases are being affected by experts offering unfounded or misleading information in courts

The medical journal, American Radiology, reported that in the summer of 2004, 492 chest X-rays that were deemed to show evidence of asbestos-related illnesses by medical experts acting on behalf of PI lawyers.

When reviewed by independent doctors, however, only 4% showed actual lung damage.The perceived abuse of “junk science” in Texas courts led one judge to comment, “It is apparent that truth and justice had very little to do with these diagnoses – otherwise more effort would have been devoted to ensuring they were accurate. Instead, these diagnoses were manufactured for money."


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