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Friday, May 12, 2006

LA Judge Calls for Crowded County Prison Reform

This article by Stuart Pfeifer, originally ran in the LA Times on May 12, 2006:

The jurist expresses dismay at crowded cells in the county's main downtown facility.
Declaring that Los Angeles County officials have been housing inmates in ways "not consistent with basic human values," a federal judge Thursday called for speedy reforms at the cramped and crowded Men's Central Jail.

One day after touring the downtown Los Angeles facility, U.S. District Judge Dean D. Pregerson said he was appalled to find six inmates crammed into cells intended to house only three and kept there for days at a time with no opportunity to exercise or even stretch their legs.

"There is not enough room for all six inmates to stand up or take a pace or two," Pregerson said. "There is not enough room to do push-ups or do anything but lay in their bunks and sleep. That is not a situation that I think should be permitted to exist in the future."

For the whole story, click here.


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