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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chicago police not held accountable for torture

CHICAGO — “Justice delayed is justice denied,” shouted the crowd at a rally and picket line here April 24 in front of Special Prosecutor Edward Egan’s downtown office. Egan was appointed by an appellate judge in 2002 to investigate allegations that former Police Commander Jon Burge and others under his command tortured suspects to obtain confessions. But four years and $5 million later, according to some estimates, a report has yet to be issued.

Burge is believed to be responsible for leading a corrupt police brutality ring on the city’s South Side that used electroshock devices, Russian roulette, near-suffocation and beatings to get false confessions out of more than 135 African American men during his tenure. Some of the torture victims, known as the Death Row 10, were sentenced to death, while many others continue to serve long prison terms.
Neither Burge nor any of the officers who worked under his command have faced prosecution, and Burge, fired in 1993, still collects a full pension.
Read more of this story in the People's Weekly World.


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