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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Statute of Limitations On Rape in NY

In an article that originally ran in the New York Times, the debate about DNA and its ability to resurrect cases extends to instances of rape.

In New York City, the statute of limitations runs out after 10 years, but with current DNA testing conclusive proof for crimes committed decades earlier can now be found.

"Under New York State law, rape is a B felony on par with burglary and grand larceny." Lawmakers want to make it an "A" felony, like murder, which has no statute of limitations.

The law does not reflect the lasting scars left by rape, or the lifelong issues victims can face.

One survivor, Stefanie Aubrey, may never get a chance to face her rapist in a court of law because the statute of limitations has run out. She says the crime has stayed with her.

"It keeps me always on my guard. You just have to leave it to God and go on living. You just have to keep yoru eyes open and your doors locked."


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