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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Innocence Proven by DNA

After 24 years in prison, DNA evidence and the words of his co-defendent, will set 45-year-old Alan Crotzer free. A Hillsborough State Attorney asked a judge to throw out the 1982 robbery and sexual assault conviction on the Florida native.
If released on Friday Crotzer would be the fifth inmate exonerated by DNA in Florida-the state with the highest number of wrongful convictions, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.
In 1981 and all-white jury convicted Crotzer of raping, robbing and kidnapping a 38 year-old woman and 12 year-old gir.l After the woman pointed him out as the rapist in court, Crotzer was sentenced was sentenced to 100 years plus in prison.
After Crotzer's mother died years later, his co-defendants came forward saying they knew Crotzer had not committed the crime all along, and that it was actually one of their childhood friends who'd been with them that night.
The New York-based Innocence Project backed Crotzer and had the DNA tested, proving Crotzer's innocence


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