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Monday, June 20, 2005

Too old to be in prison?

Last week an advisory committee gave a 255-page report to the Joint State Government Commission, comprised of 14 House and Senate members, urging them to free sick, elderly inmates from prison, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
The panel says releasing elderly inmates would promote humane treatment of longtime prisoners. It would also reduce prison overcrowding and cost for prisons. The price of providing for young, healthy inmates cost the state up to $30,000, but is minimal when compared to the maximum $64,000 it spends on elderly and sick patients.

CA man cleared because of DNA

The Los Angeles Times reports a man charged with molesting and then drowning his daughter was let go because of a false confession. The man claims that police coerced him into confessing during a 14 1/2 hour confession, promising him a lenient sentence if he said it was an accident.

The Center for Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University investigated the case and said it seemed to have all the characteristics of a false confession case.