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Monday, June 06, 2005

PA prison policies hinder the media

Innocence Institute director, Bill Moushey, dares to ask the question “How many more are there,” regarding the wrongfully convicted, in a forum he wrote for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The forum describes the restrictive policies that media must follow in order to tell the stories of Pennsylvania inmates who claim they are innocent and how this prevents more inmates from coming forward to tell their stories of innocence.

Moushey describes his own experience of being able to bring only one pen and paper to interview an inmate in the Fayette County Prison, while other prisons tending to have more violent criminals, including Florence Supermax prison in Colorado who is currently housing the Unabomber, allowed him to bring paper, pens and recording devices to interview an inmate.

According to a survey done by the Innocence Institute, restrictive policies employed by Pennsylvania’s so-called correctional department earn it the title of the country’s seventh most restricted prison system.