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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

More on Munchinski

Munchinski attorney Noah Geary and the media crush

The media coverage of David Munchinski's case yesterday reflected the roller-coaster ride of events. In the morning, the AP had Munchinski free and making plans for his release. By early evening, Munchinski was again indefinitely behind bars. The Trib's story suggests Munchinski could be released today, which seems wildly optimistic. The Union-Standard reports the attorney general claims the state constitution prevents the release of a person facing a life sentence.

Bill Moushey's story for the Post-Gazette quotes Munchinski's attorney, Noah Geary, as saying his client is "a very patient man." You'd kind of have to be after 18 years behind bars for a crime you claim you didn't commit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


The Superior Court has issued a stay, stopping David Munchinski from being released. The wait continues ...

The wait is over

After 18 years behind bars, David Munchinski is a free man. A judge ruled today that Munchinski can be released pending a new trial for a double-murder he says he didn't commit. The judge actually made the ruling last week but mailed the decision, meaning Munchinski was forced to wait through the three-day weekend for it. A Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story covers the angle of how the sister of one of the murder victims is reacting to the turn of events.