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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Munchinski conviction reinstated

In an unanimous ruling three PA judges ruled they found no proof of innocence in the Munchinski case, they also said Munchinski's attorney filed his appeal untimely.

"Pennsylvania courts have no jurisdiction to address claims in an untimely ... petition no matter how serious the assertions raised therein, even if they concern an illegal sentence of death," stated the document issued by Judges Joseph A. Hudock, Correale F. Stevens and Frank J. Montemuro.
The judges's opinion stands in stark contrast to one issued in October 2004 by visiting Judge Feudale, who took over the case almost three years ago when all Fayette County Common Pleas Court judges recused themselves from it.
Judge Feudale reversed convictions against Munchinski and accused three Fayette prosecutors -- two of whom are now judges -- of "seeking and maintaining convictions to the detriment of the search for the truth" in the murder case.
Read more about the Munchinski case in a three-part series written by staff and students of the Innocence Institute of Point Park University entitled "A Question of Innocene."
The Pittsburgh Tribune Review also published an article about the case.


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