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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sight unseen

Justin Kirkwood's parents Posted by Hello

The Innocence Institute's three-day series on false eyewitness identifications appeared this week in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Longer versions of the stories are posted on the Innocence Institute's Web site.

The Associated Press picked up one of the stories, which appeared on broadcast and print outlets throughout the state. The New Castle News published the Justin Kirkwood story in its entirety (registration required).

The site has a section for comments, which included this one: "When I read this article I will have to say that I have serious doubts in the innocent till proven guilty cliche. I have know Justin Kirkwood and his family for a number of years and they are wonderful loving people. But that should not even come in to play in the whole scheme of things. What should matter is all the facts. You have a man who said that he called the house and talked to Justin at the time the robbery was taking place!!!"


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