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Friday, May 13, 2005

New Castle on Kirkwood

The comments keep coming on the New Castle News Web site, which posted the Justin Kirkwood story and allows people to put reaction online.

Shirley Klamer, one of two craft store clerks whose identification of Kirkwood lead to his conviction, defended herself on the site: "We will both tell you that there was never any doubt that we had picked the right man from day one. Roberta Bishop and I each picked the same photo at different visits to the police station. Out of several mug-shot books, we picked the same guy!"

Another person responded: "Hey Shirley can I ask you something if you and your co-worker are so sure that it was justin kirkwood who did these things why did you say that he had brown eyes and his eyes are really blue?"

In related news, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran an editorial calling for the state to tighten rules on eyewitness identifications: "It's an issue that Gov. Ed Rendell and Attorney General Tom Corbett need to take action on, rather than allowing the knee-jerk obstinacy and machismo of some local police to condemn innocent people to jail."


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