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Monday, November 01, 2004

We report, you decide

John Kerry and George W. Bush Posted by Hello

While many bloggers use the forum for political ranting, the Innocence Blog is old-fashioned journalism and lets readers come to their own conclusions. That said, there's some clear differences between the candidates for those concerned with wrongful convictions.

John Kerry is against the death penalty in most cases, while his running mate and the Bush/Cheney ticket support it. Kerry told the Chicago Tribune that his work as a prosecutor in Massachusetts helped form his views. "There are cases in the system where there are miscarriages," he said, noting he stopped a number of cases from moving forward because he realized the defendants weren't guilty.

During the primaries, John Edwards said he wouldn't suspend the death penalty even with people being found innocent on death row. Both Kerry and Edwards supported a bill giving federal prisoners more access to DNA testing and grants states to improve their capital representation through training and other programs.

George W. Bush signed the bill into law Monday. While running for president in 2000, the former Texas governor said he was 100 percent sure that everyone executed on his watch was guilty. But a Chicago Tribune investigation of those 131 executions found many of the cases "were compromised by unreliable evidence," ineffective defense lawyers and unethical prosecutors.

As the Fox News gang says: We report, you decide.


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