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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ernie's story

Ernest Simmons Posted by Hello

My first story for the Innocence Institute -- and the reporting work of which I'm most proud -- was the case of Ernest Simmons. He was convicted of killing a Johnstown women in 1992 and sentenced to death. But in an interview last year with me and another reporter, the star witness in the case admitted she lied about being able to identify Simmons.

His case in now being appealed in federal court. The last major hearing on the case was held in March, but there's still no word on whether the judge will order a new trial.

I'm writing about the case now because Simmons was mentioned in an article about Nick Yarris, an exonerated death row inmate. Yarris was convicted of a rape and murder in 1982, until DNA evidence led to his release last year. He's now apparently on a speaking tour.

In an story in the Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice, Yarris said his fight isn't over. "There are two men on death row in Pennsylvania, Walter Ogrod and Ernest Simmons who, I believe, are innocent," he said. "I'll make you a promise. One day, I'll have one of those men out."


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