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Thursday, October 21, 2004

The waiting game

Munchinski in court, talking to his daughter Posted by Hello

David Munchinski must wait at least a few more weeks for his freedom. The judge who overturned Munchinski's murder conviction will decide Nov. 18 whether he should be freed as he awaits a new trial.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review continues playing catch-up with a burst of stories in the past week. One follow-up comes to the amazing conclusion that key evidence raises doubt about Munchinski's guilt. They might have figured that out two years ago if they read Bill Moushey's 7,000-word investigation into the case.

Another story rehashes Moushey's scoop that a key witness against Munchinski wasn't in the state on the night of the murder. But best yet is a story on Fayette County Judge Ralph Warman lashing out at the judge who overturned the conviction.

The story fails to mention Warman , who was a prosecutor against Munchinski, was responsible for hiding the fact that the key witness made a tape recorded statement. Warman admitted he cut any mention of taping from reports, an action the appellant judge said, "so undermined the truth-determining process that no reliable adjudication of guilt or innocence could have taken place."


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