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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Munchinski in the media

As we await word on whether a judge will grant David Munchinski bond, here's a few more stories on the case from the past two weeks:

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports on Munchinski's latest efforts to gain freedom, which covers the same ground as Bill Moushey's latest. A Sunday story looks through the 102 pounds of transcripts from the case. The paper also explores whether Munchinski's case will lead to other cases Fayette County cases being re-opened.

In all the stories, the Trib continues its delightful tradition of pretending the Innocence Institute had nothing to do with the case.

And Munchinski's hometown paper, the Herald Standard, runs an editorial blasting prosecutors for their conduct on the case. The editorial marks the strongest (only?) criticism by the paper of the three prosecutors on the case, two of whom are now Fayette County judges.


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